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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Fri Oct 29, 1999  8:25 pm
Subject:  Re: SW - dolphin -

Thanks for your comment,
wellI think the other version isnīt side to side but exactly down up down -
but Iīm afraid that no dolphin would make it very long this way. The other
dolphins might criticise him because of this dolpinunedequate beginning .

But there are other problems now- I just explained it to Lourdes and aWyne
have a look at my next message!

How are you doing?

>From: Delora Parks
>Reply-To: SignWriting List
>To: SignWriting List
>Subject: Re: SW - dolphin -
>Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 13:15:24 EDT
>In a message dated 10/29/99 8:02:08 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
> writes:
><< I wrote it now this way. You think itīs better?
> I know that the movement is different. Now it is going first up and than
> down and up and down (correct)
> So as the dolphin starts from jumping out of the water - I like it -how
> about you? >>
>I like the 2nd one much better. The arrows show the hand actually jumping
>and landing and jumping again instead of (what I intrepreted from the first
>one) a side-to-side "swimming" type motion. <smile>
> Delora

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