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From:  Akehurst
Date:  Fri Oct 29, 1999  8:24 pm
Subject:  To get off Digest?

Hi all, a million apologies for bugging the list, but I'm not getting any of
the attachments within the emails (well, I AM getting gibberish)
and I can't figure out how/what settings to change to get them to come
through so I was wondering if going off Digest and on to individual emails
would help - but I CAN'T REMEMBER HOW TO DO THIS!! Could someone please
enlighten me and forgive the thundering ignorance....

Thank you.

Kathy Akehurst
Ontario, Canada

P.S. Have Win98, running MSOffice, using IE5.0 for my browser and Outlook
(NOT Outlook Express) for email...if anyone can walk me through how to 'fix
it' to receive the attachments, that would be great. I've been to the
archives and checked them, they look really nice.

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