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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Oct 31, 1999  4:50 am
Subject:  Re: Lourdes' Halloween Message :-)

Saturday, Oct 30th

Hello Everyone!
My email at DeafVision is still not working. I am writing from hotmail right

Whenever you get a blank message, that means that something is not working doesn't matter why...always go to the SignWriting List Archive,
and there you will find the message.

In other words, you can always find messages archived in a readable fashion
in the SW List Archives.

So Stefan...go to the Archives to read the message!! I wish my life could be
better right now, but between the fact that I do not have working email, and
also because I am overtired, it is very hard -

So just remember the Archives...

and Kathy Akehurst - if you need information on how to get off the Digest
Form, you can look in the Archives under the subject of Digest, and you will
find the different messages discussing that - the Archives will always help

I am looking forward to a better time soon!!

Have a great Saturday everyone!

best -


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