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From:  SignWriting
Date:  Sun Oct 31, 1999  12:51 am
Subject:  I have no idea if you will get this message :-)

Hello SignWriting List!

DeafVision has moved all of our web sites and all of our email accounts
over to a faster and newer server. In the long run, that is of course very
good. But in the process, the poor person who is the tech support over the
weekend doesn't know how to re-configure something, so the web design I did
early this morning, with Lourdes' Halloween Message - the entire web site
with all the changes I made - which were up and running this morning, are
now gone and the old one web site from yesterday is now up - not because I
want it that way - it is a surprise to me! Fortunately I have the web site
saved on disk and I can certainly upload the files again, as soon as I have
a working web site and has been a hard weekend for the poor guy
doing tech support!

So Lourdes - your wonderful posting was up this morning and down by
mid-morning without my knowing it! Hopefully we will get it up again soon

No matter what you did a great job :-)

I will write again when it is up again!

Valerie ;-)

Valerie Sutton

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