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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Nov 1, 1999  6:36 pm
Subject:  Thesis on SignWriting Posted!

November 1st, 1999

Dear SW List Members:

Thank you for all your wonderful private well-wishes! I am fine, and all is
well :-)

I know that others on this List have severe ongoing problems, and I have no
right to complain!

What's more, truth be told, in this case it was more stress for me than
anything....sometimes I think this "Information Age" that we live in,
complicates our lives more than before...don't you agree?

It is exciting that all of these technological advances help us get a new
perspective, but on the other hand, there are always imperfections with
computer software.

And no one knows this more than the poor technical support person at
DeafVision this weekend. He single-handedly moved our email and web sites
over to a faster server, so that we can now create shopping cart order
forms etc. on the web, and it was chaos for awhile...but all is working
correctly now...and I am really looking forward to a bright future with
more advanced web design.

Speaking of which....I have something to tell you...

I have now posted the complete Master's Thesis on SignWriting on our
SignWriting Web Site.

Just go to our home page at:

And you will find it posted now....However, I do want you all to realize
that there are some imperfections with the web design of the thesis - it is
VERY long, with lots of diagrams, and over 50 links. Amy had minute
diagrams of individual symbols interlaced inside English paragraphs, and
creating that on the web can be done, but in my case, with so much going
on...I never got the chance to make that part perfect. I am sure that Amy
will want me to fix that later, but for now, the thesis is up and readable.

So I would like to ask you all a favor...if you find a link that does not
work, or any other imperfections in the web design of Amy's thesis, don't
hesitate to tell me. As a layout artist, I want to do a good job. The
thesis will be up on our web site for the life of the site, so I can
improve it slowly over time.

And I want to thank Amy for the outstanding job! I am thrilled of
course...and I bet some of the linguists on this List will really enjoy it
too. Amy does mention Dr. Stokoe's system, and I hope to improve the
diagrams showing the Stokoe system, since Amy had given me a poor photocopy
to scan I will definitely improve the Stokoe diagrams as soon as

I hope to be working on the comparison of three notation systems now, for
the next posting, which has been put off until mid-November - sorry Joe and
Susanne - you must have been wondering!

And I hope you all will continue to post SignWriting messages to each
other. I loved seeing the Taiwan and German signed languages on the List!

Our computer programmer for SignWriter 5.0 is now working part-time rather
than full-time, because I am writing grants, but have not received further
funding yet. He told me that working on SignWriter 5.0 has been the most
meaningful programming he has ever worked on...he generally works for the
Navy, programming in Java for them, but it is dull work and SignWriter is
so very different! It is nice to know that we have such a wonderful
programmer to work with...which makes finding the funding that much more

I now have six letters of support that will help with the grant writing -
thanks so much for all your support!

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!


Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton

SignWritingSite...Lessons Online

Deaf Action Committee For SignWriting
Box 517, La Jolla, CA, 92038-0517, USA

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