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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Nov 3, 1999  1:08 am
Subject:  Re: Questions & Answers...

November 2, 1999

QUESTION: How do I delete unwanted spaces and empty lines while typing with
SignWriter 4.3?

ANSWER: There are several reasons this happens, and therefore several ways
to delete the unwanted spaces. One way is to "fix the margins" with the
Margin Command:


SignWriter Reference Manual: Page 36

While you are editing a sign, SignWriter will sometimes split the current
line to make room for your changes. When you finish editing, your file
contains a broken line: the two parts reach only halfway across the screen.

1. To fix a broken line so it reaches the right margin, first place the
cursor anywhere on the line.

2. Press the Margin command (Alt-'M'). SignWriter rearranges the signs on
the screen to fix the broken line.

The Margin command actually fixes as many broken lines as it can find; it
starts rearranging signs on the line under the cursor, and goes until it
hits a blank (or indented) line.

NOTE - The Margin command only fixes right margins. To fix a left margin,
use the Erase command to erase any leading spaces.


SignWriter Reference Manual: Page 31

To quickly erase a space, move the cursor on top of the space and press the
Delete key.

To quickly erase an entire line, move the cursor onto the line and press
Alt-Delete. You can restore an erased line or space with the Undo command.



Place the cursor on the blank line. Press the Home Key, to move your cursor
to the far left margin. Type: Alt-S for Select, then using the Right-Side
Arrow Key, tap a few times moving the cursor slightly to the right. Then
type Alt-S now have two brackets quite close to each other.
Press Alt-E for erase. This erases that line.


Hope this helps!!

Val ;-)

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