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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Nov 5, 1999  2:51 am
Subject:  Re: I can't resist!!

>Is there anyone or any place that can be consulted to explain the myriad
>switches and combinations of programs and settings in Hotmail, Eudora,
>Netscape, IE, etc. so that I will know how to "set" my "settings" so that
>everyone will be able to read them? Obviously what comes out fine for me
>here doesn't necessarily look the same there. Remember: I'm NOT a computer
>geek, and this is all Geek to me.
> - Wayne


November 4, 1999

Not even the computer geeks can figure it out, Wayne. There are several
people who are experts on email and the software that makes it possible,
and they have explained it to me and it is very complicated...apparently
Hotmail and MSN are two that have trouble with blank email messages, and
recently I have been getting email messages from an Irish internet provider
and the messages are always blank and I have to ask them to send it again -
so this does happen....and it is oftentimes "unfixable" because there are
so many tiny things that can go wrong between the different internet
service providers...they are all configured differently.

But we are still blessed to have email, aren't we? For all the problems,
email is an improvement over the long distance phone...imagine if we had to
pay for a TTY (tele-typewriter) phone call, everytime we wanted to send a
message to the List?! It would be expensive :-)

I am going to try a new experiment. Maybe the reason my messages arrived
blank in Hotmail, and other people's did not, is because my messages were
VERY long...

Maybe the length of the message, combined with the attachment, became too
much for Hotmail to read at one time.

So I am now going to send TWO new messages.

The first will be ONLY the attachment.

The second will be ONLY the English explanation of that attachment.

Let us see if we all can read the following two files...

I would also like to know if such lessons on email are helpful to people...

So here we go :-))

Val ;-)

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