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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Nov 5, 1999  3:22 am
Subject:  Re: Axial stationary movement "Reverse, opposite"

>Valerie -
> This GIF came through fine in Hotmail. But remember, I've gotten all
>the GIF's, even those that had messages first, through the Hotmail account
>except for the ones you sent about GSL "room". All of Lourdes' corrections
>to Stefan's signwritings came through fine.
> Whatever......
> - Wayne


Thanks, Wayne, for your prompt feedback!!

It worked for me in hotmail too, Wayne...this is encouraging.

If my theory is correct, it makes perfect sense that you could read
everyone else's .GIFs and not mine. Why? Because I wrote volumes of English
explaining the sign for "room" for Stefan. It was a real "lesson online" -
it took me a long time to prepare.

Not only was that message long, but it also included a long signature file
at the end. But this time I only sent the attachment, and no signature file
- so the short little message could read the attachments....I think we are
on to something here.

I must thank Ben Karlin for this...when Ben told me that Hotmail places a
blank cover letter first, and then wipes out anything afterwards, I
realized that the length of my messages were a clue - I was the only one of
all of you, who was writing long long English messages coupled with

Do you think this makes sense?

Is there anyone else on hotmail who could read my .GIF?

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