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From:  Delora Parks
Date:  Fri Nov 5, 1999  7:14 pm
Subject:  Re: Axial stationary movement "Reverse, opposite"

In a message dated 11/5/99 8:51:30 AM Eastern Standard Time,

<< If my theory is correct, it makes perfect sense that you could read
everyone else's .GIFs and not mine. Why? Because I wrote volumes of English
explaining the sign for "room" for Stefan. It was a real "lesson online" -
it took me a long time to prepare. >>

It is quite possible that Hotmail has a limit on the length an email message
can be in the body of the mail w/o making it an attachment. AOL has a limit
of around 32k, and if someone is sending a text message that exceeds that
length, it gets turned into a file attachment with only the first paragraph
or so showing in the email body. Perhaps Hotmail is doing something similar,
and with lengthy summaries and graphics all included in the body of the
message, it balks and doesn't know how to handle it. Just a thought.


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