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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Nov 5, 1999  11:45 pm
Subject:  Turning off signature files

>Perhaps Hotmail is doing something similar,
>and with lengthy summaries and graphics all included in the body of the
>message, it balks and doesn't know how to handle it. Just a thought.
> Delora


Hello Delora -
Good point. I suspect it is something along that line...we may never know!

But there is one suggestion I would like to make...whenever anyone sends an
attachment to the List, that you turn off your signature file. For those
who are new to email, some people have software that can place a signature
and address at the end of each email message automatically. I used to do
that, thinking I was providing information to the List.

However, when I looked in Hotmail I noticed that the number of the
attachment arrived inside my signature, and I suspect there was a "clash"
between the attachment and the signature - almost like it thinks the
signature is an attachment too and it can't handle both - of course I might
be wrong! But I am turning off my signature file, and writing very small
paragraphs when there is an attachment.

Meanwhile I know what a lot of programmers think...they think I am nuts!
Trying to force pictures onto email, when it is only made for text, is
asking for trouble I am let's take one day at a time and see if
we can make this go smoothly...I am still optomistic....

Val ;-)

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