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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Nov 6, 1999  4:08 am
Subject:  Re: Thanks for TSL signs

>Well, as long as the whole list is following the discussion anyway, you
>should know that reading his dictionary was a pleasure. So much easier than
>ASL, since many of the signs are the same as or close to Japanese SL and I
>actually know many of them. Knowing the signs definitely helps you in
>reading them. Who knows, I might learn some Chinese words via SL?

>Mark and Mary Esther Penner
>Tokyo, Japan


Mark...this is terrific news. Which just goes to show how important it is
that we share files together - we all need reading material and we have
very little - so anyone willing to share is really helping SignWriting

And I hope you all know that the writing system is evolving before our eyes
- there are new writing conventions all the time and as we read each
other's documents, even in a signed language we do not know ourselves, we
are making steps towards true standardization - so it is good if we share
documents - we can learn from each other...

Then my job is to record the variations in writing choices, so we can
document it in textbooks, plus be able to type those variations in future
computer programs - it is an exciting process ...

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