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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Nov 9, 1999  7:53 pm
Subject:  Re: Help

November 9, 1999

Hello Deborah and Everyone:

Here is the scoop! (the information that Deborah was looking for ;-)

I can access the Archives with either Netscape or Internet Explorer on my
Mac. The designers of the egroups Archive page may not have checked their
design in different browsers, or at least they probably don't realize that
the numbers of the messages in our Archives only show up "half-way" on
Netscape but can be read beautifully in Internet Explorer, which suggests
that they did not check out their design on Netscape - When I do web
postings, for example, I try to test the new posting on different browsers,
to make sure it looks OK in each format...these are the little picky
problems when it comes to web design.

So, Deborah, if you are using Netscape, the number of your messages may be
only showing "half" - and the other half of the number is unreadable
because it is hidden by the window next to it. So I went into the Archives
using Internet Explorer and I went to the "Search" button in our Archives.
I then typed in your last name "Holden" and pressed Search.

It found these messages...hope this helps!


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Please write to tell us what happens :-)
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