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From:  Deborah Holden
Date:  Tue Nov 9, 1999  6:45 pm
Subject:  Help

Dear list,
I am having trouble with the attachments. I have the computer expert of the
school district with me now trying to figure it all out. I unfortunately cannot
find in the archives the letter I first wrote regarding which attachments worked
and which did not. I am very close. I get the message right after the one I
need but not the one that describes which attachments did work. First question
is: Are the messages from Oct. 27th and before listed somewhere else? Also
it be possible to have the number of the letter (email) printed with the email
message somehow? That is that when I try to find the emails with attachments I
can't find them because so many have the same name. If we can't have the
numbers with the email could we possible have the little paper clip in the
archive so we know which ones have attachments to look at?? I appreciate any
help you can give. I think I'm on netscape. Thank you very much. Deborah

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