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From:  Leonel Lola
Date:  Tue Jun 30, 1998  11:33 pm
Subject:  Fw: Anacorina Lola

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Date: Tuesday, June 30, 1998 3:57 PM
Subject: Anacorina Lola

Hello everyone, 
    I had hesitated writing my introduction, but since I recently posted a message, I thought it was a good time. 
    My name is Anacorina Lola, I am originally from Nicaragua and have been in the United States for almost nineteen years.  I live in Daly City, California which is about 10 or 15 minutes south from San Francisco. 
    I just graduated from San Francisco State University with a BA in Communicative Disorders, and a minor in Special Education.  After much thought and various experiences in a Total Communication classroom, a class that teaches deaf and hard or hearing children both in signs and speech, I decided that this is what I want to do.  As a result, in August, I will attend CSU Fresno and I will be starting the Deaf Education program.  I am very excited about this!!! 
    As a result of my interest in educating deaf children, I have become very interested in the Sign Language projects that have been done in Nicaragua.  I only learned of the wonderful things going on there within the last year, and it seems to be very exciting and interesting.  Someday, when my finish my education, and have worked some in the field I would like to return there and work with those children.  I think this would be a good time to ask if anyone has been in Nicaragua doing such work, to contact me and tell me about it.  I would love to hear about your experiences.  I would love to know how you got involved and also if it something you can do while you are still in school?  Also, I will be going to Nicaragua to visit family and friends in August, and would love to see some of this work in action, or just get some more information.   
    Other things about me, I am a twin and love it!!  I look forward to being part of this list, especially because of such a positive response I have received already.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Sorry it is so long.  Sometimes I get carried away. 
Anacorina Lola
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