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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Nov 10, 1999  5:37 pm
Subject:  Re: SW in the future

>Valerie, care to add your visions on this? :-)
>Bill Reese


November 10, 1999

Better than my vision...
what about a Deaf person's vision? Here is one published on our web site,
from Kevin Clark...

Thanksgiving 1998
I would like to share my dream with you...

After seeing Little Toyko in downtown Los Angeles I became inspired. I
visited a museum called the American Japanese Museum where all of the shops
are owned by Japanese people, the hotels, everything. All of the signs are
written in Japanese, as well as English.

My dream is to create the exact same kind of community, where Deaf people
can run their own businesses, malls, and hotels, and all the signs would be
written in SignWriting in ASL. In other words, we would have a Deaf
American Museum and everything would be written in ASL....And we could also
set up a deaf school teaching kids in SignWriting etc.. You will
give deaf people good opportunities to run businesses and to make a living
out of it just like others do in the American Japanese Museum. So that's
what I am dreaming of....To reach this dream, I need to have a good plan,
and people's support.

Kevin Clark


Kevin Clark, USA
"I have a dream..."


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