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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Nov 11, 1999  2:30 pm
Subject:  New SW Article in Silent News!!

November 11, 1999

Good Morning SW List Members!

I am happy to announce that Silent News just published a new article about
SignWriting in the November, 99 issue.

On page 14 you will find pictures of Deaf children from Albuquerque, New
Mexico reading and demonstrating SignWriting. The article focuses on
Cecilia Flood and her students, who are participating in the SignWriting
Literacy Project.

Cecilia and her students were interviewed by author Alexandra Han. Some of
the quotes from those interviews are really priceless. This is the first
time we have ever had a school in the USA get this involved with learning

The article's title was clearly chosen by editors...trying to create
interest to grab the attention of the casual reader...the title is:

A New Controversial Approach to Literacy:
SignWriting: Will It Work?

Judging by the interviews with the kids in the article, it seems to be
working...wonder what the kids will say to that title!?

Val ;-)

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