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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Nov 11, 1999  2:00 pm
Subject:  Re: Nice to know

>So it is with SW. If the sign is readily understood and
>readable, that's all that matters. I find this a real relief and now I
>can just
>relax and enjoy the learning experience. It's so fun to see the students
>get so
>excited about it too. Deb Holden


November 11, 1999

Hello Deborah!
What a great message - thanks for sharing that. I guess we live in such a
rule-oriented society, that we assume everything has strict rules...but
with new ideas...we are "feeling" our way.

And Deb...I believe it is because of Silent article that was
published last Spring...that you decided to teach SignWriting to your
students, right?

Well...guess what?! A new article in Silent News was just published in the
November issue. I got it last night and I immediately called Cecilia New Mexico. Cecilia, and her students in Albuquerque, are the
focus of the new article.

I will post the entire article on the web shortly!

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