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From:  Shepard-Kegl
Date:  Fri Nov 12, 1999  4:27 am
Subject:  Re: learning to e-mail


When my children are frustrated with a homework problem, I instruct them
that a question is always easy if you already know the answer.

Anyway, the plain truth is that I dislike computers. When I am in
Bluefields, and I want cereal for breakfast, I have a choice: Corn Flakes or
forget eating cereal. When I go to Shop N Save in Maine, an entire aisle is
devoted to cereals. Egads! My laptop is like that: millions of
permutations. Easy if you already know the answer. Impossible if you
don't. Even when I stumble upon the right answer, I can't remember how I
got there.

I can export SW into WordPerfect, but Judy and I never figured out how to
reverse the background.

As for sending e-mail messages in SW, I am clueless. But, don't try to
teach me by e-mail. It's too stressful. Besides, it does me no good unless
Ivonne or Barney or Anselmo in Bluefields can receive and transmit

So, here is my proposal. Can you or Darline take a day to teach Ivonne and
me face to face in San Diego how to e-mail SW? I'll use some of my
frequent flyer mileage and come out in December, and visit my brother in LA
and Ivonne can see her brother in LA, and the whole thing can be a photo
opportunity for the San Diego paper -- a follow-up story on the article from
a few years ago.

Please advise.

-- James

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2283 Re: learning to e-mail Valerie Sutton Fri  11/12/1999

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