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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Nov 12, 1999  2:46 pm
Subject:  Re: learning to e-mail

>So, here is my proposal. Can you or Darline take a day to teach Ivonne and
>me face to face in San Diego how to e-mail SW? I'll use some of my
>frequent flyer mileage and come out in December, and visit my brother in LA
>and Ivonne can see her brother in LA, and the whole thing can be a photo
>opportunity for the San Diego paper -- a follow-up story on the article from
>a few years ago.
>Please advise.
>-- James


November 12, 1999

Hello James!
Your description of "too many choices" when you search for cereal in an
American supermarket was terrific! So I guess the question is, what is
worse?....not enough choices or too many? smile....

When it comes to computers, we all "feel your pain"...(grin)

And there is no question that there are too many choices in a lot of the
software today. Software designers keep adding more and more
features....features that a lot of people never use anyway. On the other
hand, they are there for you if you do want to use them. But it does mean
that you have to read your manual that came with the
for technical support on the phone, that is a service provided by some
software developers. You can even get instruction on the web in some cases.

So you call the tech hot line for WordPerfect, and get help over the phone.

And you can call me too, if you can pay for the phone call. If you have
your computer on, right next to the phone, I can walk you through the
process over the phone...that is the kind of technical support I like - I
called tech support lines all the time when I first learned computers.

I think it is wonderful that you will have Nicaraguan guests in
exciting...for them too!

And of course you and Ivonne are welcome to come. As you know I work alone
here, and I live in a different house...up on a mountain...but I will see
Darline next week at the DeafExpo and we can talk about it then!

And I think you should take Wayne up on his offer too....every little bit
helps and I know Wayne did learn how to attach files - I was very
impressed, Wayne!

Of course I would welcome publicity on SignWriting in the San Diego that would be great and seeing you again, and being able to
share, is important too. again you have too many choices - ha!!

And you can do ALL of the above..just not simultaneously...but one step at
a time ;-)

Val ;-)

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