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From:  Charles Butler
Date:  Fri Nov 12, 1999  8:57 pm
Subject:  Re: A question...

Don & Theresa G wrote:
> So, this leads me to my question.... how much time does it actually take to
WRITE a SignWriting character/word/sign? Because there is an element of
drawing in it, I wonder if it takes time to draw those things. I'm thinking in
comparison to Chinese, the symbols are seemingly complex, but actually only
take a few brush strokes to complete one character.

For me, a few brush strokes like Chinese is the equivalent of a few
strokes of a keyboard, which is the beauty of the computer software
program, else it would sometimes become very frustrating for a
particularly complicated sign. I, personally, favor, Sign Shorthand for
a handwriting system, as it is the equivalent of "script" compared to
"Block Printing" for a spoken language.

Charles Butler

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