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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Nov 13, 1999  4:05 am
Subject:  Re: A question...

>I was surprised at being able to figure out the sign as written... it was
>semi-iconic of the sign, but not entirely so, enough to actually give me
>some "work" in figuring out what the elements were.
>So, this leads me to my question.... how much time does it actually take to
>WRITE a SignWriting character/word/sign? Because there is an element of
>drawing in it, I wonder if it takes time to draw those things. I'm thinking
>in comparison to Chinese, the symbols are seemingly complex, but actually
>only take a few brush strokes to complete one character. But for SW, it
>seems it would take a lot more than a few strokes of a pen to write a SW
>character. If it takes significantly more time to complete a SW character
>than it would for Chinese or an English word, then it would seem to me that
>it would still not be an efficient way for written communication, or not as
>efficient as "standard" writing systems, anyway.
>--Don Grushkin


November 12, 1999

Hello Don!
I can see there are some pretty terrific responses to your questions.....I
am really looking forward to studying those answers, because the authors
all have experience teaching SignWriting...

But just off hand, in regards to your first paragraph above....when we all
say that Deaf children read almost immediately, we really mean that...we
are not stretching the truth or exxagerating. Deaf children, and many
adults, read SignWriting quickly...really (grin)....

And in regards to the question about handwriting in the second
paragraph....I only know that people ARE writing - some people are writing
volumes by hand, even without training in handwriting or shorthand...they
find ways to write it because they want to soooo since the ARE
writing....maybe it is becoming a writing system? smile....

I am glad the .GIF files have brought you face to face with written is wonderful to see them in email, isn't it?!

By the way, here are some lessons on the web for writing by hand:


Can SignWriting Be Written By Hand?
Six-page article with illustrations

Learn To Write SignWriting by Hand
Directory of Lessons

Learn To Write SignWriting by Hand
Lesson 1: Return to Basics

Learn To Write SignWriting by Hand
Lesson 2: SW Block Printing, Flat Hand


Val ;-)

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