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From:  James Womack
Date:  Fri Nov 12, 1999  8:50 am
Subject:  Re: Compound signs in ASL

Wayne in Maine wrote:
> Hello -
> Was interested in the four different ways of writing DOG in ASL.
> Essentially I saw:
> 1. finger snapping
> 2. striking twice on the leg
> 3. striking twice on the leg followed by finger snapping, and
> 4. ditto with the ## symbols written to the left of the handshape
> I have a couple of questions, and a comment.
> Q1: How would one indicate repeated finger snapping (say, twice)?
> Q2: Is the "double bar" the standard method of indicating a sign signed
> below the waist? I'm guessing the lower bar means "waist".
> Q3: Is there any difference in articulation when the ## is placed to the
> right or to the left of the handshape? (My guess is: no.)
> Now the comment: I recall from my own research into compounds in both
> ASL and TSL that signs with repeated segments generally lose the repetition
> when they form part of a compound. Thus, the double striking on DOG2, or
> the double snapping that I use on DOG1, would both be made single in either
> of the compound forms: DOG3 and DOG4. As such, then, the way I normally
> sign DOG is not actually listed among the four variations that Valerie sent.
> Am I "signing it wrong" or is there something to that principle?
> Love,
> - Wayne

Wow!!!!!!!!!1 I am beginning to realize how much it is a
challenge to
write ASL. Put a 3-D language into 2-D form? SignWriting does a
great job, I think. But it sure looks like it has to breathe hard
to do so. I can't answer your question, just marvel at the
you gave about representing an aspect of ASL I take for granted
but requires
serious thought about putting it into graphic form.

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