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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Nov 13, 1999  5:50 pm
Subject:  Re: A question...

>What continues to
>'inspire' me, if you will, is the genuine smiles that emerged as this 10
>year old 'wrote' about his most favorite past time (football) in his
>language of signs. Did this all take time, yes. Did he complain about
>how long it took? No....not yet!


November 13, 1999

Thank you, Cecilia, for your very important will influence
other teachers to try...if not right now...then six weeks from now...the
messages build and become a source of information and strength for others.
There are some people who read what we posted a year ago on the web, and
then write to me personally about these postings have a lasting
effect on the development and acceptance of SignWriting.

And it sounds like your students are REALLY writing - the sign for football
is not that easy a sign actually, so I am impressed that you wrote that
together - maybe your student could write an ASL story about football? We
need more literature!

And I feel so blessed....your wonderful article in Silent News about your
work with Deaf students in Albuquerque, has stimulated important response
from others...thank you for the excellent interview you gave to Silent
News. And interviewing the students was so important...their comments are

The one that touched me the most was the little girl who said that while
her mother went to the store, she would stay in her room and work on
SignWriting...and she implied that she would write because she loved
it...and no one was forcing her...she was choosing to do it on her own. So
it appears that writing SignWriting is an enjoyable challenge for some Deaf

I received a phone call from a researcher who read the article in Silent
News...they are possibly interested in doing a study on how fluent sign
readers read SignWriting and what happens in the brain when they are
reading SW fluently - interesting study, eh?

Thanks, Cecilia, for the great message - I will continue to study your
message because it is rich with information...

Val ;-)

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