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From:  Bill Reese
Date:  Wed Nov 17, 1999  6:36 pm
Subject:  Re: Spoken Language Translation Programs

I think she did use a translation program - just changed her message when she
did it. The translator has trouble with some words. When it does, it doesn't
change them. There are some words in her second message that still look like
they are portuguese. I took two of them, "nao" and "tambem", and they wouldn't
translate. Of course, she could be using a translator program on her computer
and not online. But it's the same deal - she's using a translating program

Obviously, the online translators aren't perfect. But with a little
understanding, they are useful.

Here's what I inputted in the translator as a possible reply:

Hello Priscilla,

I'm happy that you like the Signwriting system. It will become easier as you
use it. Please, tell us how you are using it.

Send me your address and I will send you the Signwriting material. We have some
people doing work with signwriting in Portuguese. Once you are on the email
list you will be able to share information with them. To subscribe to the list:

(I forget how to subscribe - but you get the idea)

To translate the web pages on the Signwriting site from English to Portuguese,
use can use this translator:


Em Português:

Hello Priscilla,

Eu sou feliz que você gosta do sistema de Signwriting. Tornar-se-á mais fácil
como você o usa. Por favor, diga-nos como você o está usando.

Emita-me seu endereço e eu emitir-lhe-ei o material de Signwriting. Nós temos
alguns povos fazer o trabalho com signwriting no português. Uma vez que você
está na lista do email você poderá compartilhar da informação com eles. Para
subscrever à lista:

(eu me esqueço de como subscrever - mas você começa a idéia)

Para traduzir as páginas do Web no local de Signwriting de inglês ao português,
o uso pode usar este tradutor:


Notice Valerie that she wants the signwriting material you make on your trusty
printer. :-)

I don't know if the translation is ok in Portuguese. Wayne, how'd it translate?

Bill Reese

Wayne in Maine wrote:

> Priscila wrote:
> >Muito obrigada pelos enderecos que voce me mandou,
> >esta sendo muito util.
> >
> >Estou achando um pouco dificil esse metodo de escrita, mas
> >acho que com o tempo eu pego o jeito.
> >
> >Mais uma vez obrigada,
> >e que Deus abencoe.
> >Priscila
> Valerie -
> I'm not sure Priscila used a translation program to write the message
> below, as it's not the same as what's above. The above message says:
> "Thank you very much for the addresses that you sent me. It has been
> very useful.
> I am finding this method of writing a little difficult, but I think
> with time I'll get used to it.
> Thanks once again, and may God bless."
> - Wayne
> >
> >Hello Valerie............ ' -)
> >
> >I feel very for the delay, but I do not know to say English.
> >Necessary to look at in the translator. Perhaps I wrote wrong.
> >
> >Answering its question, yes, I would like to receive the package that voce
> >spoke, and to be part of the stack.
> >
> >I liked them very sites that he showed to me. Still I find a little dificil
> >the writing of the signs, but I am studying.
> >
> >The people of the stack are all of U.S.A.? Nao exists the possibility to
> >work in the site tambem in Portuguese.
> >
> >Thank's for atencao,
> >Priscila
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