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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Nov 22, 1999  9:12 pm
Subject:  Re: Hello

November 22, 1999

Hello SignWriting List Members, and hello Priscila!

I have been busy this weekend with the DeafExpo conference that was held
here in San Diego. It was a wonderful experience and I will write a report
about that soon.

Meanwhile, Priscila, welcome to the SW List! And I am glad to know you are
studying English...that is terrific. I think Portuguese is a very beautiful
language. I do not personally speak it, but I know that several List
members do.

The messages to the List are written in English, but you can add some
Portuguese at the end of your messages...just as you did below...Obviously
not everyone will understand what you say in Portuguese, but a few of the
List members will. And meanwhile we can all understand your
do very well!

So welcome!

Val ;-)


Priscila wrote:

> Translated Text in English:
>Oi Val, After these days in the list, I perceived all I participate of the
>colloquies After today, I decided to study English more, until I can read
>the messages and understand them without having that to pass for the
>One I hug,
>-----------------em Portugues-----------------------
>Oi Vallerie,
>Depois desses dias na list, eu percebi todos participam das conversas.
>Depois de hoje, eu decidi estudar mais ingles, at╚ que eu possa ler as
>mensagens e entende-las sem ter que passar pelo tradutor.
>Um abra┴o,

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