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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Dec 4, 1999  2:48 pm
Subject:  re-sending a message from Dec. 1st

December 1, 1999

Good Morning SignWriting List:

I have had some problems posting lessons on SignWriting to the SW
List...yesterday I posted four important messages with attachments and they
still have not been posted to the List, and it is over 24 hours. So I wrote
to Paul Cowley, our List owner, and he was so kind to explain it.

Here is his message:



As we are simply days away from the turn of the millennium, all public
servers, in fact all computers, running under the auspices of
institutions with IT Departments, will be running tests, shutting down
their systems, rebooting their systems, running more tests to ensure
everything works come January 1, 2000.

Expect short term delays and minor disruptions in everything digital
from now until mid January.

Up thumb, Paul Cowley


Thanks Paul! We are lucky to have email at all.....and because our SW List
is donated to us, through Humber College in Ontario, Canada, of course we
can expect delays. I hope the Humber College technicians will have good
fortune when it comes to Y2K!

Val ;-)

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