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From:  Eline Vanhecke
Date:  Mon Dec 13, 1999  9:36 am
Subject:  new members: Eline and kristof

Hello everyone on the SW List,

My colleague and I have just signed up to SW List and as we are
invited to introduce ourselves to the other members, we will now do

'We' are Eline Vanhecke and Kristof De Weerdt.
In October 1999 we started a project at the University of Ghent
(Belgium), on the regional varieties of the Flemish-Belgian Sign
Language (FBSL). Our aim is to record the lexicon of the current
FBSL, taking into account its regional varieties (we know there are
5) and possible gaps. It is not our intention to impose, prescribe or
invent signs.

Making this inventory of the FBSL lexicon is necessary for
1) developing a translating dictionary, which can be used as a
learning or teaching aid;
2) working out the level of regional variety in FBSL;
3) producing scientifically funded statements on the differences in
the FBSL lexicon.

In order to be able to map the regional and lexical differences, we
are collecting and comparing as many signs as possible, by
cooperating with regional working groups. In each of the five
regions, a number of (near-) native signers come together on a
regular basis. These gatherings are videtaped. Afterwards the
videotapes need to be analysed and the signs will be collected in a
translating dictionary.

It is important to mention that this is the first time that scientific
research into the regional lexical varieties of the FBSL is
conducted. Moreover, it is the first time that in Flanders a Deaf
(Kristof) and a hearing (Eline) researcher will cooperate in a
lexigraphical study.

In order to be able to compare the different regional signs more
easily we wish to use Sign Writing as a notation system.

In case you have any suggestions, questions or comments, you
can also reach us at:

We hope to hearing from you soon!

Eline and Kristof

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