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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Dec 13, 1999  4:09 pm
Subject:  SignWriting in Flanders

>'We' are Eline Vanhecke and Kristof De Weerdt.
>In October 1999 we started a project at the University of Ghent
>(Belgium), on the regional varieties of the Flemish-Belgian Sign
>Language (FBSL). Our aim is to record the lexicon of the current
>FBSL, taking into account its regional varieties (we know there are
>5) and possible gaps. It is not our intention to impose, prescribe or
>invent signs.



December 13, 1999

Welcome, Eline and Kristof, to the SignWriting List! We are happy to have
you with us. I believe there are others who use Flemish-Belgian Sign
Language on the SignWriting List too...I think you will find that
SignWriting can write every nuance of the different Flemish dialects of
signed languages with no trouble.

Your project is an exciting one...I hope you will keep us informed as to
how it is progressing from time to time ;-)

And I know some of us had questions about the signed languages in Belgium
in previous messages to the SW List...for example...

Is the French-Belgian Sign Language totally different than Flemish-Belgian
Sign Language? I am assuming the answer is "yes", but do Deaf people in
different parts of Belgium communicate well with each other?

And how close is the Flemish-Belgian Sign Language to the different
Netherlands dialects of signed languages?...I guess the spoken language of
Flanders is a form of Dutch, but are the signed languages of the two
regions totally different than each other?

I am sure these questions must seem very naive to you...Belgium is an
interesting country because there are different languages in one
country....and for those of us living elsewhere, we are not always sure....

If there is anyone else on the SW List who has not introduced themselves, I
hope you will write and share with us too..... Please feel free to write to
the List anytime... We always love to hear from you, and learn from all
your messages....

Val ;-)

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