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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Mon Dec 13, 1999  8:47 pm
Subject:  Re: SignWriter 4.3...Pasting 1 Sign Inside Another

Hi Valerie,

thank you for your answer. Yes that helps. At least I know now that there
isnīt any other easy way.

Future will show what my pupils will be able to read best concerning the
compound signs!

Stefan ;-)

>From: Valerie Sutton
>Reply-To: SignWriting List
>To: SignWriting List
>Subject: SignWriter 4.3...Pasting 1 Sign Inside Another
>Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1999 20:26:48 -0800
>Writng with SW 4.3, I would love to create /write one sign out of two -
>means - there is the sign for apple and the sign for tree - how to put two
>signs from the dictionary into one field - so that I can put it back into
>the dictionary as a new term? (apple-tree -- I donīt want to discuss the
>questions from the linguistic point of view. Itīs just a typing matter.....
>You are is very frustrating. Unfortunately, in SignWriter 4..3,
>we cannot paste one sign inside the field of another sign. You will have to
>copy one sign from the dictionary into your document, and then type the
>second sign inside it. Of course, now you know how to move an entire sign
>quickly, based on the previous question and answer, so that should speed it
>up a little bit for you. You can move the whole sign up as a unit, so you
>can type the second sign underneath.
>The real problem with compound signs is that they become too tall in
>SignWriter 4.3, since 4.3 was never meant to be typed vertically, so if you
>place one compound under the other you will run out of room on the
> will hit the ceiling!
>You may want to type compound signs as two separate signs anyway...they may
>be read well fact better sometimes...and as separate signs
>they can be manipulated better by the computer program, such as selecting,
>or copying or deleting etc...just a thought...
>Val ;-)

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