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From:  Charles Butler
Date:  Tue Jul 7, 1998  10:26 pm
Subject:  Re: Introduction Chris Priebe

I have been researching "cheironomy" on line and have discovered a whole
world of ancient sign language usages in musical performance. If the
usage of gesture, shape, and tempo are considered parameters of sign
language then "sign language" as a concept is perhaps one of the oldest
continously used and unchanged systems in the world. Gregorian chant
(from Christian tradition) apparently can be traced directly to Khemitic
(Ancient Egyptian) temple music because of the signs being used to
direct it which have been passed down from musician to musician (often
blind musicians), for over 3000 years. Adding this repertoire of signs
to the sign language history is I believe very important. Having Sign
Writing to be able to record this is I believe a very necessary addition
to transcription of ancient music and recognition of the ancient roots
of sign language.

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