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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Jul 21, 1998  6:21 pm
Subject:  More Lessons Online

On Wed, 8 Jul 1998 , Jean Johnson wrote:
>I agree with Chris in that we need more lessons online. Sadly, I have to
>go to the public library in order to do this, so I've not had a chance to
>learn signwriting like I would have liked. But from what little I've
>seen, I do agree with Chris.
>Others wish to share their comments? I'd like to hear from y'all like
>Jean Johnson {:-)

Hi Jean-
How fortunate, that the public library offers you the chance to use
computers and to access the SignWriting Web Site. I think that is a great

I received several other messages requesting more lessons online.

So...I am now preparing the next posting on the SignWritingSite:

Lessons In SignWriting
Lesson Four: Finger Movements

This lesson will be taken directly from our textbook "Lessons In
SignWriting". As you know, Lessons One, Two and Three are already posted,
plus there is other instruction, including a lesson in writing ASL grammar.
To access the lessons, go to:


Because I am in a crunch for time, I cannot promise exactly when it will be
posted, but of course I will announce it when it is ready...

July is almost over - can you believe!

Valerie {:-)


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