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From:  Shepard-Kegl
Date:  Wed Dec 22, 1999  8:08 pm
Subject:  Re: Input requested

Greetings, everyone.

I would appreciate your thoughts on producing the following sign:

The english is NUTS, as in walnuts. The sign, in Nicaragua, is formed in
two parts. The first is a chomp on a Group 3 handshape, but we know how to
write that. The second part is more challenging.

You start with a right "A" hand, parallel to floor, palm up. Now, pretend
you are clutching a small lump of melting snow. Relax your pinky just a
bit, that tighten it up again. Now, do the same with your ring finger,
followed by your middle finger, then your index and start over with your
pinky. So your hand is starting to open but immediately closes up again,
and the whole thing is a rythmic alternating motion (like a wave frequency)
from left to right (from pinky to index).

For "money" or "dog" (Group 3, fingers snapping) we use a double rub with a
double quick dynamic marker, but "nuts" is a wholly different shape and


-- James

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