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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Dec 23, 1999  2:41 am
Subject:  Re: Input requested

December 22, 1999

Hello James and Everyone on the SignWriting List!

First of all, James - congrats on creating .gif files, and learning to
attach them to email! And many thanks to Wayne for teaching you the
technique - it will really be a help for future communication.

And I think your pink background is rather cute!

In regards to your software getting damaged by a virus...have you ever
considered "re-installing" the software from the disk or CD-ROM that it
originally came on? Sometimes software gets damaged, but if you back up all
your files first, and place them on a separate floppy disk for safety...and
then delete the old software that got damaged, and then re-install the same
software from scratch...and then copy your old files back on your computer
- it may just solve your problem ;-)

But the pink is fine with me!

Anyway - your question appears to be connected with what I call "Sequential
Finger Movement"....I do have a new chapter on this subject that I have
been meaning to post and did not get to it yet. Fernando in Brazil asked
for it a long time ago, and there have been others too...such as Joe
Martin. There are several ways to write a "trill" of the fingers. So I
promise I will try to post this in the next 24 hours...

So you will hear from me tomorrow about writing "finger trills" or
Sequential Finger Movement" - and a lot of other people will be happy too!!

Meanwhile, Lourdes' illustrations are better and better and I am enjoying
working with our new Deaf author on Frosty the Snowman ;-)

My best to everyone -

Val ;-)

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