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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Dec 27, 1999  5:08 pm
Subject:  Re: chew the fat

>There is a tart fruit in Nicaragua called mamones -- you climb trees to grab
>a bunch -- they are walnut size. You take a bite and slide it from side to
>side in your mouth to take in the flavor. For the sign, you pick the fruit
>off the back of your left hand, place it in your mouth, SLIDE IT AROUND A
>BIT while your fingers (Group 3) are touching your lips, then withdraw your
>hand. Anyway, the only question we have is how to write the mouth motion:
>puckered lips shifting back and forth (left-right). (Puckered lips + double
>mouth wrinkle??)
>-- James


Hi James -
Why not send us an attached file the way you are writing it right
now?...Then I can attach some alternative choices. There are several ways
to write the puckered lips moving from side to side, and I am curious to
see what you have written first!

Thanks for the great question -

Hope your Nicaraguan guests are enjoying the snow in Maine!

Val ;-)

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