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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Jan 2, 2000  1:35 am
Subject:  Re: Writing a Sign Name

>I was just wondering how one would write a sign name where two letters are
>placed in the same location to indicate first and last names. For
>example, one person has an 'L' and then a 'T' placed by the left shoulder.
>I am not sure how that should be written.
>Stuart Thiessen
>Des Moines, IA


January 1, 2000

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday - I truly enjoyed watching the New
Year's celebrations all around the world on public educational
television...I watched ceremonies in Rio de Janeiro, Peru, Ireland,
England, Denmark, the Netherlands. And nothing can beat the fireworks in
Paris! What a wonderful 24 hours ;-)

And thanks for this message, Stuart. I have created a .jpeg this time,
instead of a .GIF. If anyone has trouble reading it, please tell me.

Anyway, as you can hopefully see in the attached, I have written several
signs in American Sign Language, plus two possible versions of the name
sign you mention above.

I included the other signs because they have similar issues. The first two
use American fingerspelling, but write them as if they are signs - which
they are! The arrows show a pattern in the air for the fingerspelling. The
last sign, shows contacting the chest near the left shoulder. The two name
signs can be written several other ways too...the person who has the name
sign, will most likely choose a SW spelling they prefer and make it their
signature....signs with new spellings can be designed like a piece of art,
when it comes to important signs like signatures, so you might want to try
several versions:
Type: image/jpeg
Size: 7k

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