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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Jan 8, 2000  8:44 pm
Subject:  Re: Pen Pal Letters in SW

>May be later. First of all we have to proof ourselves that we can use SW as
>a tool to express our ideas and feelings as well in this different written
>form. But this will take some time. Just be patient to wait for the big step
>forward ;-). Our small steps are amusing and helpfull and Iīve got no
>experiences how to start this project - reading, writing, bilingual from the
>very beginning, .
>Itīs new and I donīt want to frighten anybody.


Hello SW List Members,
and Stefan! are pushing anyone - that would be a bad idea I
agree....It appears that the Pen Pal idea is a long way off in the

We had a Pen Pal Club back in the mid 1980's once, and I received some
wonderful pen pal letters from New York City and Denmark, but then it
stopped and we never took up the idea again....

The idea of a Pen Pal Club in SignWriting between classrooms of Deaf
students is just idea ;-)

If there is ever anyone on the SW List who would like a pen pal in
SignWriting, write to me and maybe we can find a writing partner for
you...who knows? ;-)

Keep up the great work, Stefan....and please say hello to you students for us!

Val ;-)

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