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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Sat Jan 8, 2000  10:04 am
Subject:  Re: Pen Pal Letters in SW

>So thanks for the nice comments and I wonder...are you students writing
>love notes to each other in SW yet? :-))

Iīm sorry- that will be still a long way. In this first step we concentrate
on reading - there are very seldom attempts to write one or two symbols by
hand - but for now my students are happy to be able to read the print outs
or to read directly from the screen.

One girl 14 years started to write with the SW 4.3 program - she tried to
translate a poem she had learned for Christmas.

There is one deaf adult - my DGS teacher - who was able to send her first
handwritten messages in SW - and that has been lots of fun.
Although there were many mistakes in spelling I could figure out without to
many difficulties what she tried to express.
Hopefully this will continue - itīs the first time in Germany and that is
very exciting.

>And what about SW pen pals between classrooms in your school, and also
>between other deaf schools? - Such a pen pal club could encourage writing
>letters to each other and stimulate literacy - it could become a class
>project to write a note to the other class to see if they can read it!

May be later. First of all we have to proof ourselves that we can use SW as
a tool to express our ideas and feelings as well in this different written
form. But this will take some time. Just be patient to wait for the big step
forward ;-). Our small steps are amusing and helpfull and Iīve got no
experiences how to start this project - reading, writing, bilingual from the
very beginning, .
Itīs new and I donīt want to frighten anybody.


>Val ;-)

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