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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Jan 11, 2000  8:04 pm
Subject:  Writing "Location" In SignWriting

January 11, 2000

Dear SignWriting List Members:
I have received several questions lately about writing "Location" in
SignWriting. I believe this question arises because people assume
that SignWriting is a system developed for writing signs in
linguistic research... a little like the Stokoe system, or HamNoSys.

Actually SignWriting was developed with a totally different
perspective, because it is a "movement writing" system. However, it
is now being used by linguists too, as well as teachers and Deaf
children and adults, so it is understandable that such a question

How do you write "Location" in SignWriting?

Location is written in great detail in SignWriting. It is an integral
part of the "visual picture" each "written sign unit" creates.

In other words, because we are writing the way the sign looks, in a
visual fashion, Location becomes obvious because of the visual nature
of SignWriting.

We don't call it "Location". We have other terminology for the same thing:

1. Height (high or low)

2. Depth (close or far)

3. Spatial Relationships or Spatial Comparisons
(signs placed to the side of the body, to the diagonal, to the front,
or behind the body, or on top of the head - showing how the sign
relates to the center of the body)

And when we are writing the full body, including legs and feet for
Mime or Dance, we also have another set of symbols called "3-D
Symbols", that show how limbs relate to the center of the body,
rather than whole signs - This is detailed stuff for researchers and
for SignWriting, the 3-D Symbols are not necessary.

So YES - we write Location. Slowly, I will post some E-Lessons on how
to write height, depth and spatial a couple of days

Have a great day -

Val ;-)

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