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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Jan 27, 2000  4:02 pm
Subject:  Re: Tips on How To Edit SignWriting

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January 27, 2000

Attached is a file with a well-written sign, giving lots of
information for the reader. Number 1 is the way it was written in the
original document. Number 2 is my version of the same sign.

In Number 1, the writer gave added information of the "dark dots"
which mean that the fingers "squeeze or bend at the middle joint".
Since the finishing position is written, the reader can assume that
the fingers "squeeze into a fist", and writing the dots is a
"double-up" of information. It can be read without the dots.

The ending position in Number 1 has two Touch symbols. I was not sure
if the writer meant that the hands touch each other twice or not. If
they really do "Touch-Touch" then the double Touch symbols are

In my version, Number 2, I placed a single Touch symbol, because I
suspect the Touch only occurs once, although I am guessing....

The main thing to realize is that the dots usually are written when
we don't feel like writing the second position of a when
you choose to write the second position, they are not really needed.

We are also starting to use less of the Simultanous Line...although I
know there are some rare cases where it is necessary. In this case, I
think it is probably clear that the two hands are moving at the same

So I simplified the writing of the sign for daily use, although the
original detailed writing was not necessarily wrong...

Val ;-)
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