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From:  Charles Butler
Date:  Fri Jan 28, 2000  6:43 pm
Subject:  Re: Funding SignWriter 5.0


I have looked through all of your various things on what the DAC does
and its non-profit status. I have looked through everything posted as
finished products, however, I have not seen a single straight answer to
the Pastor's question posted on this forum.

How MUCH DOES IT COST and HOW MUCH DO YOU NEED to finish this coming
project. There is not a single word of how much each project cost, how
much the next phase is proposed to cost, how much you need now, and how
much you will need in actual dollars for the next six months.

You say, "Enough to pay a programmer full-time for a year". How much is
that, in dollars and cents, including taxes, both national and local,
are we talking $20,000/year, $40,000/year, $60,000/year? You live in
California, some programmers live in Iowa. The cost is living is

A vague--we need money!--doesn't help. How much? Some people have deep
pockets but not if they don't know how much you actually need in bald
numbers. I know that all of us know some people, but again, if we don't
know how much to ask for, then it's a vague "enough to do X" but

????HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH???? and don't send me to yet another help file or
an attachment, that doesn't help and I can't get back to it easily, nor
can I print it out and post it to others.

What I want is a clear spread sheet, the raw numbers to produce X, Y, Z,
the next phase of the project, and most of all to start producing your
manuals commercially.

Plus, by now, all the people on this forum deserve a direct answer, not
an indirect (go to this file)

Charles Butler

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