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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Jan 28, 2000  9:49 pm
Subject:  French SignWriting Literacy Project

Date 23 jan 2000

Teacher's Name : Mary LAURENT
School's Name : IRIS
School's Street Address :
13 rue des pinsons
Teacher's Email Address :

Valerie Sutton
SignWriting Literacy Project
Deaf Action Committee For SignWriting
P.O. Box 517
La Jolla, CA. 92038-0517, USA

Dear Valerie,

The teachers of the high school and middle school (and possibly our
elementary school) grade, at the IRIS School, in the city of Toulouse
would like to participate in your SignWriting Literacy Project.

We are part of the Accademy of Toulouse School District. Some other
information about our hearing impaired program is:

a. bilingual (French Sign Language / written French)

b. we have 15 high school students, 7 middle school students and 14
elementary school students.

We have a wide range of students from all over France from very different
backgrounds. Some are "Deaf of Deaf Parents" (DOD) and are strong
signers and active in the Deaf
Community. Others, "Deaf of Hearing Parents" (DOH) have families that
sign and are involved in
bilingual education for their children. Others have little experience in
Sign language and Deaf culture when they enter our program.

We are not really a school, we have classrooms for our Deaf students,
taught in Sign language by Deaf and hearing teachers. In the high school,
because of a lack of teachers, Deaf and hearing fluent in Sign language, we
have interpreters for a number of classes.

We have all of the usual difficulties with written French. Some of ours
students are able to attain a very high level in written French which is
required by the French school system and the comprehensive exams at the end
of high school. However others even some very good students strugggle to
achieve the required level.

Some of our teachers would like to introduce SignWriting to their students.

These teacher's are interested in learning and using SignWriting because it
will be interesting for our students and may help them in their studies..

We agree, as a group, to complete three Web Reports in return for the
SignWriting materials and technical support you donate to us. We understand
that this letter and all three reports will become public information and
will be posted to the SignWriting Email List and posted on the SignWriting
Web Site. You have our full permission to use the information as needed.

Please send SignWriting materials for 3 teachers and 34 students if
possible. But we will be grateful for whatever you can send us..

Thank you for considering us for your project.


Patrice DALLE


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