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From:  Dawn McReynolds
Date:  Fri Jan 28, 2000  11:59 pm
Subject:  Re: French SignWriting Literacy Project


Dear Valerie,
This is so very wonderful, How SignWriting is able to reach so many!!
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From: Valerie Sutton
Sent: Friday, January 28, 2000 3:49 PM
Subject: French SignWriting Literacy Project

> Date 23 jan 2000
> FROM: Patrice DALLE
> Teacher's Name : Mary LAURENT
> School's Name : IRIS
> School's Street Address :
> 13 rue des pinsons
> Teacher's Email Address :
> TO:
> Valerie Sutton
> SignWriting Literacy Project
> Deaf Action Committee For SignWriting
> P.O. Box 517
> La Jolla, CA. 92038-0517, USA
> Dear Valerie,
> The teachers of the high school and middle school (and possibly our
> elementary school) grade, at the IRIS School, in the city of Toulouse
> would like to participate in your SignWriting Literacy Project.
> We are part of the Accademy of Toulouse School District. Some other
> information about our hearing impaired program is:
> a. bilingual (French Sign Language / written French)
> b. we have 15 high school students, 7 middle school students and 14
> elementary school students.
> We have a wide range of students from all over France from very different
> backgrounds. Some are "Deaf of Deaf Parents" (DOD) and are strong
> signers and active in the Deaf
> Community. Others, "Deaf of Hearing Parents" (DOH) have families that
> sign and are involved in
> bilingual education for their children. Others have little experience in
> Sign language and Deaf culture when they enter our program.
> We are not really a school, we have classrooms for our Deaf students,
> taught in Sign language by Deaf and hearing teachers. In the high school,
> because of a lack of teachers, Deaf and hearing fluent in Sign language,
> have interpreters for a number of classes.
> We have all of the usual difficulties with written French. Some of ours
> students are able to attain a very high level in written French which is
> required by the French school system and the comprehensive exams at the
> of high school. However others even some very good students strugggle to
> achieve the required level.
> Some of our teachers would like to introduce SignWriting to their
> These teacher's are interested in learning and using SignWriting because
> will be interesting for our students and may help them in their studies..
> We agree, as a group, to complete three Web Reports in return for the
> SignWriting materials and technical support you donate to us. We
> that this letter and all three reports will become public information and
> will be posted to the SignWriting Email List and posted on the SignWriting
> Web Site. You have our full permission to use the information as needed.
> Please send SignWriting materials for 3 teachers and 34 students if
> possible. But we will be grateful for whatever you can send us..
> Thank you for considering us for your project.
> Sincerely,
> Patrice DALLE
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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