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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Jul 16, 1998  3:18 pm
Subject:  Re: Introduction

July 16, 1998

I am so interested and impressed with everyone's introductions - I read
every one and really enjoy them. What a great group of people with a
variety of backgrounds and interests!

Thank you, Joan, for your introduction below, which I found rich with so
many issues. I wish I didn't have so much to do right now so we could talk

I was struck by the fact that you are a librarian...we have not even begun
to approach the libraries yet. Perhaps you can guide can we start
a section in your library for Sign Langauge Literature? Would your library
and your students be interested in the children's stories we are preparing
for the schools? What about making the SignWriter Computer Program
available in your library?

I receive written literature now from people, typed on the SignWriter
computer program. And of course there is a lot we can do to create a
library of literature on our web site. But we need more sources of exposure
for Sign Language Literature...

I look forward to further communication -

All the best -


On Tue, 14 Jul 1998, Joan Naturale wrote:
>I just joined the list want to introduce myself. I'm Deaf, was mainstreamed
>in public schools, then went to Gallaudet and Western Md. College for my
>Deaf Ed. degree. I'm a School Library Media Specialist at the Austine School
>for the Deaf in Brattleboro, Vt. I taught English classes at college, high
>school and middle school levels in the past and have always been interested
>in applying the bilingual theory in Deaf Ed. There are few "concrete
>proposals" out there that have useful materials for teachers to use. In my
>position as Librarian, I've been updating our collection on Deaf resources
>to help meet the needs of our students, staff, parents, and professionals. I
>like to see "what's out there" in research esp. in bilingual education. I
>thought joining the list would expose me to some novel ideas and techniques
>that are being used.
>I have elementary library classes and thought it would be great to try the
>storybooks written in SignWriting to see how the students respond to them.
>I'm always looking for ways to motivate students to improve both their ASL
>and English skills. I've been amazed at the progress students make when they
>are exposed to both languages in a structured program. I thought the
>ASL-English Picture Dictionary would be a useful reference for our students,
>not only Deaf, but also hearing sign language students. I think it's
>important for students to understand that ASL is a beautiful language with
>its own linguisitc principles on par with the English language. I hope to
>participate in the grant project and get training on this SignWriting concept.
> I've experimented with Carol Padden's and Vicky Hanson's bilingual
>videodisk program, "Hands-On", ASL "videobooks" from Kansas School for the
>Deaf, Calif. School for the Deaf, Horace Mann, and now I understand more
>schools are creating literature "videobooks" -translating popular stories
>clearly into ASL to motivate students to read the English version of the
>story, and now DawnSignPress has come out with an exciting book MOVERS AND
>SHAKERS-DEAF PEOPLE WHO CHANGED THE WORLD with a companion bilingual student
>workbook. SIGN ME ALICE by the same co. is another interesting work for use
>with Deaf students.
>I want to see how responsive the students are to the SignWriting program and
>hope to train other interested teachers in trying the system
>in elementary, middle and high school. I was particularly intrigued by the
>fact that there is a "sign processor" much like a "word processor" and it
>seems to have lots of possiblities for student and teacher created bilingual
>materials. I also teach ASL, and I think this system would help ASL students
>understand ASL grammar more clearly. I've been relying on the English
>glosses which doesn't always accurately describe the signs the way I want to
>describe them. So that's another potential audience I could use this system

Valerie Sutton :-)


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