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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Sep 8, 1998  6:53 pm
Subject:  Texas School for the Deaf

Hi Everyone -
I am happy to tell you that today I received a letter from Gloria
Seidlin-Bernstein, the principal of the Texas School for the Deaf, Lower
School. The letter states that the SignWriting books were given to second
grade and fourth grade teachers on September 1st, and that they plan to
give the books to the children in the next two weeks.

I am very happy that the second grade teachers are interested! Originally
the books were only for the fourth graders in Texas, so this is new :-)

I just posted the letter on our SignWriting Web Site for you to read:

The letter finishes with this phrase: "we strive to enhance English
literacy through ASL".

That is interesting. Perhaps someday a true research project can be
conducted to test that -

Have a great evening -

Valerie :-)


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