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From:  Lauren Ultis-Joslyn
Date:  Fri Jul 17, 1998  10:10 pm
Subject:  Introductions

I know everyone has been introducing one another for quite a while. Bear with
me. I'm a bit shy myself.

I dont think there is much to say about me. My name is Lauren Ultis-Joslyn or
otherwise known as Rusty to alot of my friends. I think you kind of get the
hint why Rusty. Yep, its my hair alright.

I'm profoundly deaf in both ears. I have to give my mom a whole lot of credit
in teaching me how to talk. That woman took alot of time to sit with me to
get me to talk and able to write good english grammar. Right now I think she
is thinking of ways to get me to learn to shut up. Just joking.

I hope I would learn alot about the Signwriting. A friend of mine got me
interested in it when we were looking thru the website and a friend of his
thru the internet introduced him to that. I am sure most of you know Francis

I that is all I have to say about me here.

Rusty Joslyn

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