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From:  cmf
Date:  Wed Feb 2, 2000  11:26 pm
Subject:  Re: Shorthand


Yes, I've thought about this computer/handwriting access myself as I've
been introducing SW to students here in Albuquerque. We do have the
computers available...they are old and out dated but we make do... the
SignWriter program is accessible as a teaching/learning tool. None of
the students have the SW program at home though I did get one request
for a copy of the program from a parent.

I've guided the lessons so that there would be opportunities to do SW
'writing' by hand and SW typing on the computer. Most of the kids have a
pretty strong preference to use the computers but they do 'handwriting'
too. One classroom teacher has mentioned several times that handwritten
SW appears now and then during English spelling activities. The other
day, one student was writing a 'memo' to himself to complete a
handwriting exercise in one of the SW literacy books for homework. He
requested the English word 'homework' be dictated to him. After he
slowly wrote out the dictated spelling for 'homework', he decided to
reinforce his 'reminder' by writing the SW sign 'home'. He didn't ask
for dictation....he went about writing the sign as he knew it, the face
symbol, two sets of raised eyebrows, two asterisks for touch. He
hesitated with writing the handshape. That's when he looked at me...I
modeled the handshape...he wrote the handshape as he saw it. Now the
question might be....did he do the homework? Not yet!

It's too soon to predict whether these students will deem SW practical
for their life's literacy needs...but when they take even the smallest
initiatives to 'write' the signs they have seen in both the SW books and
on the computer monitors it warrants some attention.


Joe Martin wrote:
> I think James mentioned that in Bluefields he only knew one family that
> had a flush toilet (?) It has always seemed to me that a writing system
> that requires an investment in expensive high tech equipment is hardly
> worth the name. I know, I know, if it wasn't for the Web, .....Hey, I'm
> biased, yes.--- but the point is that the reliance on technology
> (computers) makes the system less accessible for the very people who stand
> to benefit from it most.
> (Not to mention I don't write my grocery lists on a computer.) I for one
> have always wanted to see more interest shown in the handwritten stuff;
> writing it the way it looks an the monitor is not practical.
> _______________________________________
> Joe Martin, Plain Old Ordinary Student
> Top Left Corner USA

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