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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Feb 4, 2000  7:52 pm
Subject:  Re: eyelid movement?

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>How do I write the eyes closing during the production of a sign? I would
>like to write a sign (CLOSE-EYES) in which the eyes are open at the
>beginning of the sign and closed at the end.
>-Shannon Casey ()


Hello Shannon!
Thank you for your question....

You wrote the sign well....except that it is best to place the arrow
"on top of the finishing position", rather than on top of the
beginning position....since the movement itself is between the two

To explain better....Look at my attachment, less030.gif...

The little arrow above the hands, means that a "Hinge Motion" occured
at the knuckle joints of the hands, and the ending position places
the fingers together.

This Hinge Motion can also be applied to eyelids.... Notice the
"batting eyelashes", which shows movement of the eyelids up and

So the little arrow can be used for "Knuckle Joint Movement" but it
is also used for "Eyelid Movement"....

However, we assume normally, that signs start with open eyes.
Therefore it may not be necessary to write the eyelid movement. By
simply showing the eyes closed, that may be enough, since the norm is
to have them open...just a thought...

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