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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Feb 4, 2000  6:26 pm
Subject:  Re: Shorthand

Referring to Message 2689
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Dawn wrote:
>I understand now, wow. Ok then would the Deaf children like mine be able to
>use SignWriting shorthand as like (slang) like they do with english? Ex:
>writing a note to someone a child might write I don't like that or I aint
>gonna do it. Is the SignWriting shorthand going to become a short cut for
>taking notes or slang for Deaf children?


Thanks for this message, Dawn....actually the SignWriting Shorthand
has nothing to do with slang, or any language for that matter. It is
not "abbreviations" of any language.

Instead, the Shorthand has to do with the symbols themselves - not
what is being said, but instead how we write the symbols we are using
to record the movement.

For example, let us imagine you want to say in English: "Hello. My
name is Mary."

When we type the sentence in block letters, it is easy to read.

But if I wrote that sentence by hand, then it would be sloppy because
I have sloppy handwriting! I would connect the letters
together...that is called Handwriting. So I am still writing the same
sentence... "Hello. My name is Mary.".....simply by hand so it is
cursive and the symbols look different than block letters.

Shorthand is a little like is the way we write the
symbols themselves by hand...

So your Deaf daughter knows ASL. Sometimes she will choose slang -
but that is up to her...and she will have the option to type the
slang in ASL in SW Printing, or she will be able to write it by hand
with a pen and pencil, in either SW Handwriting or Shorthand -

So when we talk of Shorthand, we are talking of fast handwriting of symbols...

Val ;-)

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