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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Feb 6, 2000  2:25 pm
Subject:  Re: Gallaudet University & SignWriting...

>I'm not at Gallaudet, so don't know nothin' about what's happening inside,
>but the rep from the Gallaudet booth that my wife talked to at the World
>Deaf Federation Congress this summer had a very strong negative reaction to
>it. He thought it was ridiculous.

>Mark Penner
>Tokyo, Japan


SignWriting List
February 6, 2000

Hi all -
In regards to Gallaudet, there are also people who like SignWriting
there too....I know because they have ordered books and videos....and
they have written to me to tell me. And I know that several, like
Cecelia Smith, felt frustrated by other people's attitudes.

So Gallaudet is not "one person" is many people with many
different opinions...

In 1984, when I taught a short workshop on SignWriting at Gallaudet,
I was really surprised...I had no idea that Gallaudet had so many
different theories side by side on the same campus. To give you an
example, at that time they had a lab just for Cued Speech. The
inventor of Cued Speech was at Gallaudet....

Now, do you think that other people on the Gallaudet Campus supported
the idea of Cued Speech? - not at all! I asked around and found
everyone I talked to on campus was against Cued Speech, even though
it was on campus.

At the same time there was also a group of teachers on campus working
with SEE signs, and there was also an ASL what struck
me was how diverse the campus is, with many philosophies existing
side by side, and at the same time...everybody on campus disagreed
with each other and were close to fanatic about their own points of

That was just my impression back in 1984....

Val ;-)

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