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From:  Marc Bode
Date:  Mon Feb 7, 2000  12:27 am
Subject:  Re: Help available to develop a LUC ?

Hello Val,

no, I am definitely not looking for another language; I think, that we have
enough of them in the world. Although I appreciate dialects like "Plattdeutsch"
as I am from the North of Germany, I am looking for an easy way of
international communication, skipping the borders of different languages.

My Vision:
Communication between people of different languages without having to learn the
other language or translating into the other language.
The more advanced vision:
....without even knowing, how to manage a computer...

I input the meaning "Help me" in what ever language, and a person in South
Africa understands (sees, hears, ...) this message in her language e.g. Zulu.

>On Sun, 6 Feb 2000 15:23:09 Valerie Sutton >wrote:
>SignWriting List
>February 6, 2000
>The confusion people oftentimes have, in regards to SignWriting, is
>that they assume SignWriting is a "universal language". But actually
>SignWriting is not a is just an alphabet that can be
>used to write signed languages that existed long before SignWriting
>was invented.
>So technically, there is no "American SignWriting"..instead there is
>American Sign Language, which is a naturally evolved signed language
>used by Deaf people. SignWriting can be used to write American Sign
>Language, but the language itself exists whether SignWriting was ever
>invented or not...
>Actually I suspect that you are really looking for something like
>Bliss Symbols, which is a visual "concept writing" system. And the
>Unicode specialist who is working with placing SignWriting into
>Unicode, Michael Everson, who is a member of the SignWriting List, is
>also working with the inventors of Bliss Symbols. So I would suggest
>that you communicate with Michael about that...
>In regards to signed is important that they remain
>individual languages, since each signed language is rich with its own
>grammar and structure, its own folklore and culture - so the concept
>of an international signed language is a mistake from the hearing
>world...Hearing people got the misunderstanding that the purpose of
>signed languages was to be an "international language". But actually
>the purpose of signed languages is for day-to-day communication
>between Deaf people in a local area. Why would a Deaf person in
>Chile, use the same signed language as a Deaf person in Malaysia?
>They would never have contact with each other so their cultures and
>languages are not the same.
>But Bliss Symbols is not based on any spoken or signed language...or
>any culture for that matter. Instead it was developed I believe for
>people who cannot communicate any other way, and Michael Everson has
>told me a little about it...and I think it is fascinating...they have
>structure and sentences too...but all based on visual "concept
>Val ;-)
>Marc Bode wrote before:
>> When I first heard, that even the signed language is not
>>international, I was quite disappointed. But this fact even more
>>requests the availability of a LUC!

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